Dapper Group was established to revolutionize the entertainment industry. We create extraordinary experiences based on a series of high-impact moments. Our meticulous team is attentive to the smallest detail, ensuring that every event unfolds on time and within budget. Whether the event is domestic or international, our gifted designers can turn the blank canvas of any location into a fantasy world. Our production team are sensitive listeners, uniquely responsive to corporate needs. Together, working in partnership with our clients and vendors, we create events that forge unforgettable connections between guests and their host.

Having a separate division for artist management allows us to provide the most talented DJs, musicians and special performances for any occasion. Having a reputable name in the entertainment industry allows us to have direct communication with celebrity managers allowing you to obtain first access requests for special performances.

Clients Include

At Dapper Events, we create extraordinary experiences for all your spectacular moments and achievements. Our experience gives us insight and understanding into the demands of our clients. The mission at Dapper Events is to help our clients fully engage with their guests and audiences through the creation, design and production of live events. Our goal is to increase interest in attending an event from your organization, encourage participants to stay at each event, and ultimately, to help make an impact on your audience.

At Dapper Artists, we focus on each individual artist. We make sure that there are always booked gigs on your schedule. We take your current gigs and manage them for you as well as provide you with new gigs with new clients. We handle the deal negotiation allowing you to receive the highest value of reputation and payout possible for each gig. We reach out directly to new clients, send out demos to record labels and radio stations, and invite labels and media to your show for maximum exposure. Dapper Artists handles studio time and practice sessions as well as bringing artists together for collaborations such as finding the right vocal artist for a song to finding a guitarist to provide the craziest solo rift for your next big hit.

At Dapper Studio, its the little things that count the most. Our professional photographers and videographers capture the most important moments. We have a full photoshoot studio available for fashion shoots, personal portraits and family photos. Our editing team uses the most up-to-date technology and software to professionally edit your images.

At Dapper Decor, design and concept unite. Our interior design and architectural team can design and create any theme or idea you may have for your event. From stages and trusses for lighting systems to custom dance floors all the way to the specific bar stool design every little detail is customizable. Let Dapper Decor create your wonderland.